The Boys are Back

My family is back to normal.

The boys are back, and the chatter has returned. I am thrilled to have everyone home again. Although I had a taste of what an empty nest might resemble, I am in no way ready for an empty nest. Although having frozen yogurt for dinner is great, it's isn't ideal.

The arguing has begun.
Dinner was boisterous.
They are asking what we are going to do today.
One is complaining that he doesn't want to read.
My daughter says that she needs more school supplies.
The dishwasher filled quickly.
The laundry room is bursting.
I need to vacuum again.
The toilet seat is up.
There are toothpaste smears on the bathroom sink.
The beds are disheveled.
Someone crawled in bed with me at 4:00 a.m.
My computer was taken over at 8:00 a.m.
ESPN is on the television screen.

And, I LOVE it.


Sarah Markley said…
i hate it when the kids are gone too. it feels so empty.

miss you.