Stupid Facebook

My sixteen year old daughter is upset and it is Facebook's fault. Stupid Facebook.

Since she has decided to partake in posting her status on Facebook and reading what other people write, she is now subjected to all of the outings that other people do and that she doith not.

She was crying on Monday because she feels left out. After looking at some pictures that one of her friends posted of them painting a friend's room, she was upset that she was not invited to partake in the room painting.

She was also crying on Monday because "a bunch of people" went to the beach and didn't invite her. "Out of sight out of mind!"

I told her not to take it personally. I told her that teenagers are last minute planners and if you are not standing right next to the "planning committee" you aren't always invited. "Teenagers don't always think of others" I told her.

I told her that she can't be invited to everything because that is impossible.

I told her that she gets invited to a lot of things and she would have been too tired to go to the beach anyway. My words of wisdom fell on deaf ears.

I told her that she should plan something to invite her friends to, and take pictures and post those on Facebook. [insert eye roll here] "You don't get it!" Perhaps I don't get it because we called people on the phone and drove to places together with our friends when I was her age. No Facebook in the eighties.

My daughter doesn't drive. Aha! That must be the problem.

Perhaps if we moved closer to church, my daughter went to school with her friends instead of attending a school that is 12 miles from church, and she got her license, the problem of being out of sight, out of mind would be solved.

Perhaps if she shut her computer and banned herself from visiting Facebook, her feelings of being left out would be solved.

Now there's an "Aha!"

Stupid Facebook.


Mel said…
Better yet, no electricity! Then she REALLY won't feel left out. :)