My Latest Obsession

I am currently obsessed with Botox. I am not a user, just an investigator. I constantly look at the actors on television to see if their foreheads wrinkle when they show emotion or if their muscles are stiff and frozen from Botox injections.

"Do you know about Botox?" my mother questioned recently.

"Of course! I would marry Botox if I had the money."

"Do you know that it freezes your muscle so that you cannot show emotion when people are talking to you. If someone is telling you a sad story, your face won't show compassion. That is terrible!"

"That's why they have greeting cards. They are great at showing emotion."

I'm feeling old, can you tell?

Really, I don't have money to throw away on Botox injections, however, if you would like to throw some money my way, I would whisk away my forehead wrinkles and droopy eyelids in a few short visits.

Not the best use of money, but hey, let's pretend.