Jumping Rope

Impressing six year old children isn't easy. As it turns out, I'm not that big of a deal, and neither are my jump roping skills.

Since I was experiencing my first day working in the kindergarten classroom I had some intense impressing to do. The fact that it was June 7, and school ended June 16gave me very little time.

If you are wondering why I waited until June to work in my son's kindergarten classroom, I have no answer, other than Mondays are "group" days and they are also my day off. Perfect? No. I'm selfish with my time off, and he is the fourth child. The school allows a lengthy grace period for selfish mothers with four children. That is what grandmothers, who love that stuff, are for.

I had my choice of reading group, craft group, counting group, or jump rope. Since working with the kindergarten groups was cutting into my workout time I volunteered for the jumping rope group. This meant that I would be jumping rope for 15 minutes, with five different groups for a total of 75 minutes. Piece of cake.

I began each new group by asking a series of questions, "Did you know that I used to teach fifth grade?" They didn't care. "Did you know that I can crisscross the rope while I jump?" Again, they didn't care. By my third "Did you know?" they were experts at ignoring my attempts to impress and off like ponies galloping around the blacktop in hopes of combining a jump, with a rope, and a sold landing on both feet. Many failed.

After discovering who could jump consecutively the longest, teaching them to listen for the click and jump, playing jump the river, helicopter, snake in the grass, and mouse trap, five different times, I was finished, and the ache began.

My insides felt like they had be twisted and reshaped, and my butt was on fire, although it was a good hurt.

There are two lessons that I learned that morning: 1)Never try to impress kindergartners by outdoing them with jump roping skills, and 2) If I still think I can wear a bikini poolside, I had better jump rope more often.