Joy Who?

I started a class. I actually started a while ago but haven't talked much about it.

Our church offers a counseling training class for 31 weeks. At the end of the 31 weeks, if I pass the hour long interview, and if I'm not a mental wreak, I get a certificate to become a lay counselor. We have a waiting list, and many people come to our church seeking biblical counseling.

My purpose for taking the class isn't actually to become a counselor. I am hoping to start seminary in the fall, and this class is a requirement, although it is quite interesting.

Every Wednesday morning I sit at the same table with the same people, Craig and Shannon. We are friends now, share notes, roll our eyes at the people who ask annoying questions, avoid the homework task, and sip our coffee while listening to the lecture.

Today it was just Craig and I. Shannon is in India with her husband filming his movie. I know, right?

Today Craig said that he was grumpy. I assured him that I would not expect any small talk from him and that last week was my time to be grumpy.

I had a terrible week. I feel like everything got piled on to the same week. Why does it always end up that way. Perhaps I needed to have my character tweaked some. Maybe I needed a few more trials under my belt. Perhaps, I needed a good cry and scream.

I feel more joyful this week. I wasn't very joyful last week. I kept asking God to help me find my joy. I hate when my joy goes missing.

I know that I should be joyful in all situations but not for all situations, but sometimes it is difficult.


Mel said…
Seminary?! What? Why?