Sunday is Mother's Day.

I love my mom. I am grateful for my mom. I am blessed by the fact that she lives 3 miles away, is retired, and helps me out tremendously.

I am blessed by the fact that she calls me "the joy of her life" even though I snap at her and dish out sarcastic comments. I also roll my eyes when she asks a question and don't always treat her in a loving manner or the way that she should be treated. I don't deserve that title.

I am blessed by the fact that we are great friends, that she is a Christ follower, and she loves me unconditionally.

I love that my mom is active, young looking, and isn't stubborn and ornery. I love that my mom loves my family, and make us a priority. I love her heart for God and serving His people and her biblical wisdom and godly counsel.

My mom is in great shape, and gets down on the floor to play with the kids. I love that. She volunteers in the classroom and brings money when the kids need it for a field trip or the Book Fair. She grabs stuff that I need from the grocery store and drives my kids all over town. She is selfless.

The list goes on and on, but this blog post cannot.

I love my mom. What a blessing!