Open House

I still attend Open House. I have many more years of attending Open House, in fact.

I remember how as a kid, Open House was so exciting. Just the fact that I was actually going to school at night was enough to have me jumping up and down like a kangaroo one hour prior to departure.

My classroom was pristine, the best of my school work was mounted perfectly and displayed before all the attenders, and cookies and punch were the typical fare for the evenings extravaganza. Good times.

Open House isn't so fun as a parent. I rush from room to room never actually absorbing every section and pouring out the accolades as I should. I leave that up to the grandparents.

I collect the necessary reports and art work, chat quickly with the teacher making sure to praise her endeavors, and attempt to ask poignant questions relating to the displays littering the tables, walls, and ceiling.

The night ends late, usually with a trip through the Dairy Queen drive thru, and the next morning is chock full of crabbiness and half open eyes.

I think that schools should schedule Open House like they do parent-teacher conferences. The school is shut for the day and parents sign up for a 20 minute time slot to go, peruse, soak, observe, praise, and absorb, a year full of hard work. On the other hand, it wouldn't be as much fun for the kids, and, isn't it all about the kids?