No Crust Zone

I'm semi-childlike in the fact that I don't like bread crust. I chop it off most of my sandwiches. Also, I repel any bread that has grainy, nutty bits nestled inside. I enjoy the whole wheat varieties-sans the wheat kernel chunks. I prefer English Muffins with my eggs. There is no crust to cut.

If I am gathered among a mature audience and attempting to make an impression, I will most likely not pull out my knife and shave off the dry edges. I typically bare through the boring sides of the bread, often gulping water in hopes of adding moisture to the desert-like feeling in my mouth.

If anyone tells me that the crust contains all of the vitamins and minerals, I will disagree. The crust is the same as the middle of the bread. Just because it has had direct exposure to the oven heat, and has turned brown and extraordinarily dry, doesn't make it more nutritious.

I'm the mom who cuts the crust off the sandwiches of my children. I'm the one who has a dog who eats all of bread crust that I cut off of sandwiches. I'm the gal who wishes that "Whole Wheat Uncrustables" didn't include honey with the peanut butter. I give honey a thumbs down also. I need to try "Crustless Bread" if I could only find where it is sold, or continue feeding the dog piles of crust.