I have I told you that I am deeply in love with Pandora? What is Pandora you say? Pandora is a free internet radio station. I simply create a station with all of my favorite music, or all Christian tunes, or all eighties rock, and viola! I listen to wonderful songs from my computer. If they ever play a song that I don't like, I just click on the "thumbs down" symbol and they never play it for me again. They're nice like that.

If I could get Pandora in my car my listening ears would squirm with joy. Pandora is perfect for me because I love variety and discovering new artist. I should be a spokesperson. Pandora should pay me a lot of money to be their spokesperson.

Since I never fell in love with paying for songs on my iPod, my iPod sits, with 4 songs downloaded and a dead battery. I don't listen to any music when I jog, so I really have no use for an iPod.

Perhaps I would find good use for my iPod if I ever found myself sitting in an orthodontist office waiting for my mom to pick me up. However, my mom hasn't picked me up from an orthodontist office, in 30 years.

I realize that I am in the minority for not loving iPods, but I don't mind, I have Pandora.