Name That Tune

There is nothing like having a kindergartner to bring home all of the songs that you thought you forgot the last time you had a kindergartner, better yet, the last time you were in kindergarten. I didn't realize that they still sang songs at school. Hasn't singing songs been replaced with "401 ways to recycle?"

I'm singing songs like "This Old Man," and "Here We go 'Round the Mulberry Bush." Can I just say for the record, no one goes around a Mulberry bush, nor does any old man play nick nack. What is nick nack? Where are all of the Kidz Bop songs we all know and love? And since we are on the subject, people don't row boats that often, or bring sheep to school. I'm not trying to sound cynical, just realistic.

This afternoon my son was singing Amazing Grace. That was nice, except I felt like we should both be attending a funeral. Please don't play that song at my funeral. I love the song, I just don't love it while I am toasting english muffins. I can't concentrate on the words.

Today I have "She'll be Com'n Round the Mountain" stuck in my head. Just so you know, she won't. . .be coming around any mountain.