My Ratings are Decreasing

If there is anyone who is still reading my blog and cares to know, my ratings are decreasing. Evidently the amount of people who follow my blog has decreased from 32 to 30. I know, 32 isn't all that impressive either, however, I'm thrilled with any readers, honestly.

The fact that I have not updated my blog in two week may have something to do with the lack of readership. The fact that I'm not as consistent in my posting may be to blame, or the fact that there are other blogs that are more exciting, may be the culprit. One may never know.

I have friends out there in "blog land" who have 400 followers, and update daily. They are diligent about posting, having posts with significant information, fun posts, or posts that people enjoy reading every day. Time just gets away from me. I want to be consistent, yet before I know it a week has gone by without a single post.

For the three of you who are reading this, thank you for reading my blog.

Please don't give up on me. Blame my lack of writing on the fact that I work full time and have four kids. I'll try harder, I promise.


AnnieBlogs said…
I'm not going anywhere.

Love you. And your people. And Ty's Flat Stanley, that is currently on my kitchen table. :)
Kimber said…
I am a faithful reader! I always enjoy your insight.
Sarah Markley said…
Hi! I'm still here friend!
Julie said…
I am still here! Glad you are too!