Happy Birthday to Me!

Why is it that on my birthday I expect the day to be different than any other? I must be crazy.

When I woke up and entered the shower, one of my kids came in and and proceeded to lay on the floor in a ball while talking to me and asking if I could take him to the sporting goods store. It is still about him regardless of the date on the calendar.

Next, another child came in and asked me to leave so that he could go poop. I left. As I was waiting to return to the bathroom to finish getting ready for work, two more children came and wondered out loud about what I could cook them for breakfast, while the same floor layer, kept saying, "I l-o-v-e y-o-u" over and over again. At least that part was nice.

When there was finally a moment when no one needed me, and the bathroom was clear, I made another attempt to finish getting ready for work. My husband then entered and started showering. As the steam rose, making a thin coat of dew which covered the mirror that I was using, I left the bathroom again and was quickly summonsed over to a recently created Lego structure.

I needed to watch the structure spring into action. I needed to. Although the contraption was impressive, I don't love watching it spring into action in my "spare" time.

I left the house at 8:40 a.m. and was greeted by a co-worker with a large cup of coffee from Starbucks and two cards. That changed my morning.

This afternoon is looking better. We are going to watch the Angels play some baseball, and hopefully no one will ask me to do anything that requires effort. I just cleaned my house, because, I just couldn't sit and relax in a cluttered house. I am crazy.


Mel said…
Happy (belated) birthday!