The Best Thing Ever

We spent the day using our passes at Disneyland to celebrate my son's ninth birthday. This was in lieu of a full out, too many kids, stressed parents, birthday party. I was thrilled.

My boy had requested a few gifts on a list that he composed, and everyone missing school/work to go to Disneyland. We let him be in charge of the entire day and didn't make any moves toward rides or food unless the choice was his.

The weather was perfect and the longest we waited in line for a ride was 30 minutes while the majority of them were less than 10. We had a blast.

After his favorite meal of ribs and corn at Claim Jumpper he dropped into bed exhausted. As he was settling into bed my husband asked, "What was your favorite part of the day?" While he expected the mention of a particular ride, the fact that he got to eat ice cream not once but twice, or the new X-Box game he received, he said this, "I liked having my whole family together."

Isn't that the best?