This Time it's Different

My daughter has come and gone many times before, but this time it's different.

She has attended camps, retreats, sleepovers, and week long adventures, but this time it's different.

My girl is thousands of miles away, in another country, away from major civilization, in Kenya. It's just different.

Our house feels extra empty and our nerves are just now settling down after 24 hours of her departure. Something is more missing this time than the other times that she has been away. It's different.

I am constantly thinking about her well being, her sleep deprivation, her appetite, her goods, her needs, her attitude, the depravity she will witness, her energy level, whether her smile is vivid, and her ability to be selfless is obvious. This time it's different.

My baby is in Africa. My girl is a day's travel, 24 hours, away from us, and I am praising God for this amazing opportunity that she has grabbed with arms wide open.

God is big. He will meet her emotional, physical, and mental needs, and I need to just let Him be God, even though, this time it's just so different.


Mel said…
What a great experience for her!