A Post From My Girl

My girl writes from Kenya:

We Live We Love

Most of us might recognize these words from a song, but how many times do we actually apply it to our lives? Letting people know and showing our love for them. Being here in Kenya has giving me a whole new meaning to the word love. Seeing these kids and their conditions that they go through and the stories about their lives, has blown me away. They are just so open to us and are over joyed to see us. Even today at the camp their were some kids that would not let go of my hand or get off my lap. I love seeing their huge smiles and hearing them laugh. It must be also kinda scary for them if they have never seen a mzungu (white person) in their lives and yet are willing to have high schoolers hold their hand. Such a blessing, such an experience.

Right now i am missing all of my friends and family and everyone i love back in the states (mom i'm fine by the way). I love you all and will see you when i come home.

Kwaheri (Goodbye)
Bwana asafiwe (God Bless)

-Madison Rose Vujnov


AnnieBlogs said…
Uh. So beautiful. I heart you people.