Monday is my day off.

This is the day that I pick up my kindergartner at noon, and he comes home to our house as opposed to going to grandma's house until she picks up the bigger kids. Then, he eventually gets home around 3:30 p.m.

Today he needs me. He needs me to sit with him and just watch him play. Although I have clothes to fold, dishes in the sink to put away, and e-mails to answer or create, this is the day he begs me to lay on his bed while he plays with his Legos.

He tells me stories about what happened at school and creates scenarios with his Lego guys and their vehicles. He tells me about the people in his class, and video games he could play with his Lego guys.

"I need to go Bear, I'm cold." I tell him this after a short while.

He refuses to let me go and fetches a blanket and covers my body.

"We don't have to go anywhere, right?" he asks, engaged in his pile of colored bricks, rubber wheels, and army men, determined to sit without interruption of or time together.

I try to leave again, and he begs me to stay. "Ten minutes" I tell him. "I need to get up and get some stuff done in ten minutes."

"The ten minutes doesn't start until I get all of my stuff on the table." he replies. He wants the time with me to tick by slowly and not be hurried.

I sit.

I drift in and out of falling asleep.

I sit some more.

I listen to him talk and reply when I needed.

All he wants is me. He wants time with me. We don't need to talk, or play, or tell stories, he just wants my presence, so I give it to him.

All God wants is me. He wants time with me. He loves to hear me talk, and watch me play. He loves when I tell Him stories. He desires my presence, so, do I give it to Him?

Not always, but I'm going to try harder.


cwalk said…
I can really relate to your Mon. I have to stop and soak in those few hours alone w/mine. They will be gone before we know it.

Don't you love their perspective on kinder. I know who Jack does and doesn't like just by what he says. So funny.