To Be Expected

Every Valentine's Day the same things happen. I cut out hearts from purple and pink paper and carefully place them on the floor leading each child from their room to the table sitting in the middle of our kitchen.

The table is the treasure where modest gifts and chocolates sit wishing everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day" when they wake up in the morning. Although my daughter was disappointed with her Snuggie gift and the 6 year old wanted baseball cards instead of his DS game, the tradition which stands every February 14, is till alive and well.

Half of the chocolates and candy are gone by three and the evening ends with a dinner of homemade pizzas, strawberries, and soda as a special treat.

Since I didn't get any chocolate, I have to "borrow" some from my children.

What is your Valentine's Day tradition?


Mel said…
We have no tradition! I know! How pathetic!

This year, ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Last year? I have absolutely no idea.

Sad. Very sad.