Strenuous Exercise

While I am jogging, I often pass a man jogging in the opposite direction. He is a thin man, with a full head of grey hair pulled back into a ponytail, shirtless, and miserable.

Although I am not sure if when I see him, he is on mile one or mile eleven, he appears to be in a miserable amount of pain and agony. His face is always, yes always, scrunched in misery and his half open mouth bears his teeth as if he is screaming silently. Even his cadence is stiff and solid, instead of fluid and smooth. Not that I am Miss Fluid and Smooth when I jog, but at least I don't appear to be in pain.

In my opinion, if any type of exercise is causing that much misery, stop. Even if the guy is ending his jog, and has completed a 20 mile course, why doesn't he stop before the joy is completely sapped away and the endorphins have taken a hiatus?

I choose not to exercise to the point of hate. I choose to enjoy the activity that I am doing as opposed to doing something to the point of dying. I'm all for pushing myself to achieve more out of my workout, I just don't want my heart and muscles to stop working because of it.

Dear Guy Jogging in Pain,
Why don't you take a break every once in a while, or do something that you enjoy. Just a thought.