Someone Found Me

Facebook is crazy.

My friend Annette, from junior high, found me.

We were inseparable.

She was one of four children, I was one of two. We would have lots of sleepovers together, and would stay up late drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Nacho Cheese Doritos. I was always digging through the bag, looking for the super orangy cheesy chips. We licked our orange, powder coated finger tips, only after the entire bag was inhaled. Aww.

I spent a few minutes on her Facebook page clicking around and remembering that her wedding was on the first day of summer, and to this day, I recall the sweat dripping down my face and back. It was miserably hot.

Since I moved out of town, we never really kept in touch after that. I assumed that she had children and was still married. Children yes, married, no. It was sad for me to discover that after 23 years of marriage, she was now divorced. What happened? How does a marriage last 23 years and then end? What now?

A photo of her family had a caption which stated, "The last photo of my mom with the kids." Her mom died? How? When? Why?

So much time has passed. I want to connect with her. I want to know the details of her life. I miss her.

Facebook is crazy. I like it, but it's crazy.