Ice Cream Sandwiches


Food Phases.

Food phases are rampant in my home.

My kids find something that the like, and ask me to buy more. They then ask me to buy more, ask me to buy more, and then I go to Costco to get the 1000 pack and guess what? The phase ends.

We have been through phases of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, Pop Tarts, frozen taquitos, Pasta Roni, Danimanls, and mandarin oranges, just to name a few.

The latest phase is ice cream sandwiches. After the 6-pack was devoured in 24 hours, I purchased the 24 pack. That vanished in one week.

Although the kids keep asking me to buy more, I refuse. Why? Because as soon as I buy the 1000 pack from Costco, they will suddenly divorce themselves from ice cream sandwiches.

Does anyone need a 100 pack of frozen taquitos?