Smell Test

In an interesting way the smell of something can conjure up both good and bad memories. There are smells that I love: freshly sharpened wood pencils, inside binding of a new magazine, cut grass, and then those that invoke memories, like Herbal Essence shampoo and french fries.

My best girlfriend in junior high had thick black hair that hung perfectly down the middle of her back. She always used the same shampoo and cream rinse and when she walked by, you could smell the aroma of Herbal Essence shampoo.

My mother never considered the ramifications of dinners including a plate full of fresh fried french fries loaded with salt and ketsup. Moderation is key. It wasn't an every day occurrence, and it was a total treat.

To this day, every time I smell those two things, memories of junior high, or sitting on the counter smelling the hot grease cooking on the stove next to me, instantly send me back to that time. I love it.

I'm sure that there are many smells that invoke memories for you too.

Name a few.


Angela Nazworth said…
Smells do invoke memories...and some smells I remember and miss because I do not think I'll smell them elem. school we always got a "Weekly Reader" I loved how it smelled...I do not know why...but I did. My daughter came home with a "Weekly Reader" recently and they changed the paper, format, etc and the smell is gone...I felt sad.
Booklover1212 said…
Wet leaves in the woods. Reminds me of my three-week dance camp during college and the dorms we stayed in.

Also, my dad's cologne. LOVE it!

~ Jennifer