Packet Pandemonium

Not that we eat out a lot, or often, or visit fast food eateries more than once a week, but we sure have accumulated our fair share of sauce packets.

We have ranch dressing and BBQ sauce from Chic fil A, catsup from Mc Donald’s, hot sauce from Del Taco, and House sauce from Pick up Stix. I have also seen mustard from Subway, and spread from In N Out Burger.

Since I have noticed that the sauce packets rarely get used after finding their way to the refrigerator, I have decided to throw all of them away. I don’t need a pack of catsup. I have a bottle of catsup. I don’t need a small tub of Ranch dressing, I have a bottle of dressing. I also don’t need hot sauce. I have 5 varieties of hot sauce in my cupboards and refrigerator.

Why do we save sauce packets? My guess would be that it seems wasteful to toss them into the garbage, and returning them to the proper eatery would be ludicrous.

A friend of mine has a whole drawer in her refrigerator dedicated to the collection of sauce packets. She has three teenagers. The teenagers probably never order a bean burrito and then opt out of the hot sauce, noting the hundreds of sauce packets at home. Discovering that the right sauce isn’t in the sauce packet drawer after refusing to bring any more home, could ruin a meal.

What’s a bean and cheese burrito without taco sauce? How does a chicken nugget survive without a quick dip in ranch dressing or BBQ sauce? No french fry goes without catsup in our home. Yours?

Do you accumulate sauce packets? Perhaps you don’t even know what sauce packet are. What do you do with sauce packets?

I must know.