My six year old is desperately trying to convince me that we need the Twin Draft Guard. He passionately explains all the details of the commercial, the advantages to the Twin Draft Guard, and just how fitting it is for our home. He misses the fact that we would first need a draft, prior to installation of the Twin Draft Guard. We live in Southern California. It is 70 degrees today. We have no draft. We need no draft guard.

He has also decided that we need the Big Top Cupcake, Paper Roni, and the Wand-o-Rama. I have a child who has been completely brain washed by dumb commercials. Next, he will be pulling out his Christmas savings to purchase a Shrek Chia Pet or a set of Bend a Roos, but only after he reenacts the commercial for Kids Bop 17 and replaces his closet fixture with a Wonder Hanger.

Actually, the only thing that we need is less dumb commercials, oh, and a Snuggie or two.

Commercialization. Isn't is great?


Ronel Sidney said…
A snuggie would be nice!!