Choosing Movies

Parents never stop parenting. My mother is still parenting me. She doesn’t do it intentionally, it just happens, naturally, from habit. After all, she has been parenting for many years. This isn’t something you just drop. There is a worn groove in her brain.

She also parents my older brother. I like when he is around. It is then, that she has the ability to divide the parenting role between the two of us.

Recently her parenting skills were loud and apparent. We walked into a Blockbuster store eager to rent some DVD’s to fill the void of off season television viewing. I grabbed the DVD “Hangover.” I knew nothing about this movie other than it was funny. Perhaps I need a quick lesson in “read a review about a film prior to renting it.”

When my mother saw what I had rented she said, in a very loud voice, with a line of 5people listening, “You’re not renting that! That is a terrible movie! It is all about sex, and drinking. It’s awful.”

There were many smirks and giggles from those standing in line as my moral compass was now shouting audibly instead of its typical soft whisper in my head.

I looked at the girl who was scanning my DVD into the system and said, “I guess I’m not renting that.” She looked back at me as if I were crazy for listening to my mother. She must be a rebellious spirit with a whacked out moral compass.

The next time I visit Blockbuster I will be renting G-Rated movies, and not bringing my mother.

I hope that is okay with her.