Just Listen

There are 19 houses on my street. I like to know what is going on in people’s lives in our neighborhood. I enjoy stopping folks who are walking their dogs and find out how they are doing and what is new. The fact that I am curious to a fault gives me the ability to do this.

Joe and his wife are divorcing and they are selling the house. Sandy’s family just got a new puppy. Chuck is home after fighting the fires in L.A. Margaret and her family are hoping to move in to their renovated home soon. Dave’s daughter’s pet duck flew away and his son is now playing football after two years of baseball. Leigh is beginning her Master’s program. Patti was hospitalized after a blood clot in her leg was discovered, but is now doing fine.

People just want to talk, although sometimes I’m not that good at listening. However, it is amazing what can be discovered about people if I just take the opportunity to listen, ask questions, and participate in conversation. I ask a lot of questions, but do I listen? I know what is going happening on the surface, but do I dig deeper?

I want to take some time today to listen. I want to take some time today to find out how people really doing in life. I want to take some time today to ask questions. I want to take some time today to dig deeper in conversations.

I want to take some time today to let God speak to me.


You are awesome. Way to get out and get in sync with people. We are supposed to invest in them, but we fill our lives until it's almost impossible and we feel awkward trying.
Denise said…
the scripture "oh Lord you search me and you know me" (psalm 139:1) has been a comfort to me over the years (especially the mommy years). i think we as people want to be seen and known. we desire intimacy, we long to feel a sense of belonging...communion with others (and especially with God, even if we don't know it). that was the beauty of Jesus, just his intentionality with people drew them closer to Him. He searched and knew them, and where they were once lost they were now finally found.
nothing is better than being found.