I Have Been Waiting

For three months, the boys have woken up late, and before we headed anywhere, grabbed a hat to cover their grown out buzz cuts. I have put no thought into proper coiffing and hair gel administration, given the fact that it has been summer time, and hats go with every possible outfit.

We haven't had to be anywhere that requires collared shirts and shoes other than flop flops so the moppy shag that has embodied the heads of my two youngest children, was a fine alternative to the comb and gel.

School starts in ten days. The day of haircuts has arrived. I eagerly anticipated entering the shop, and having the boys exit while people stop and ask, "Are you Zac Efferon?" Their hair is long, so my thought was to trim the sides and back, and keep the bang area, and top long. They haven't had longish hair since they were a year old.

Evidently the photo of the guy with side swiped bangs and hair touching his ears that I showed the stylist didn't compute. Evidently when I pointed to my biggest boy and said, "I want it just like his, long in the front with the sides and back trimmed" nothing registered. Evidently, when I left my mother in charge while I drove my daughter to the movies to meet a friend, all description of how I wanted they boy's hair to look was quickly forgotten.

I gasped when I arrived back at the salon to pick up my mother and the boys. Gasped. The two boys looked like they were ready to enter the armed forces and their hair looked nothing like Zac Efferon, their brother Zac pictured aboove, or the photo in the book. Nothing.

After some major tears, and a lot of frustration from me, and an angry-guy-I-hate-my-hair photo, I phoned the salon and got a refund on the terrible haircuts. I guess that we will now have to wait another 3 months, and try again, someplace else.

My youngest deemed this day, "The worst ever" which, after having a cavitiy filled last Friday, is pretty telling.


Mel said…
I feel your pain! After much anguish I've found a stylist who doesn't butcher my boys' hair and cause them to cry!