A Dog and Lemons

In case you were wondering, it has been said that in 1906 the term “lemon” was British slang for “to pass off a sub-standard article as a good one.” I thought that you should know.

I think that our dog is lemon.

She has an incurable limp. Actually, I don’t know if it is incurable, I’m not yet willing to forgo loads of money to find out if the said injury is here to stay or a bad case of sore muscles from chasing birds out of our yard. I do know this; when we rescued her a few months back, she had a limp that we discovered the next day. The shelter claimed that she never had the limp, or that they never noticed the limp when she was there. Really?

The limp is getting worse, and I am not happy about it. As it turns out, there is a scar under her sore leg too. Did the shelter miss that one too? They told us that we should have done a 26-point, under the hood, check on her when we left. Really?

We love our dog. She has blended into our family so well. She is such a great dog with the kids, and as mentioned, keeps the birds from even considering entering our backyard. It’s really quite funny how she gives all the birds a piece of her mind. I like birds, but I like dogs better, so the dog wins. The birds will have to use the front yard to meet their tweet and pecking needs.

I hope that our dog is not a lemon. I hope that she heals, and stops limping. Maybe she just needs to stretch out and eat some potassium infused dog treats before she chases the birds. I’ll mention that to her.