And so Begins Another Year

My baby started kindergarten today. I am the only person, in my group of friends from the kids’ elementary school who has such a young child. I keep trying to convince myself that he keeps me young and that he is my secret ploy to stay connected with the 30 year old crowd. If I pretend to blend in with them everyone will assume that I am in my mid thirties.

As with many mothers whose children are returning or have returned to school the feeling is bitter sweet. Although I love not having to rustle children from their sleep to get ready for school and not forget to brush their teeth and grab their backpacks, I do love that I won’t have anyone melting into a heap on the couch asking every ten minutes, “What are we doing today?”

Does any mother look forward to sitting with her kids after school and helping them with homework? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have one in the kid mix that is such a reluctant learner. After all, I was in education for 20 years and love teaching. Homework execution should be a breeze.

The fact that my own children don’t believe that I know much of anything passed the sixth grade, and they be correct, may hinder my willingness to jump on to the homework train. “I can do it mom, really. I don’t need a more detailed sentence.”

If I knew what colinear points were than I could help my high school sophomore with geometry. I was an art major. I don’t do math. It hurts.

Perhaps the second and seventh graders teachers will have pity on me and not assign any homework this year, but I doubt it.

And so…
we begin another year of school.

we begin another year of bagging lunches.

we begin another year of homework and permission slips.

we begin another year of forgotten P.E. clothes.

And so…
we begin another year of sitting at the table together discussing the highs and lows of our day.

we begin another year of learning discovering, and stretching our brains.

we begin another year of examining God’s Word, and memorizing scripture.

we begin the GIFT of another school year to grow, connect, develop, create, and fellowship, in a classroom, located in a free country.


Everyone always jokes about the going back to school topic, including me, but it is significant. Deep down, in this country, we should look at it not as "I have to go to school/work," but "I GET to go to school/work."
AnnieBlogs said…
Praying for all four of your little jokers today. Hug 'em for me. Love you.
Michele said…
Great post! My first starts preschool today...looks like I have a long and wonderful/crazy road ahead of me!