Sick in Summer

In my opinion, there should be a rule that no one is allowed to be sick in the summer. Summertime should be a time when bones are broken and stitches are administered, bruises are tended to, and scrapes are bandaged, but no coughs, cold, or flu. Let's save those for the winter months.

My oldest has strep. She is on antibiotics now and feeling better, but still coughing and nursing a rash caused by the strep infection. My youngest has a 103.7 fever and a cough. My eyelids are droopy this morning since I was awakened by a hot ball of flesh at 3 a.m. Poor guy. The Motrin set in quickly, but he still remains asleep in our bed, miserable from the night's events.

I am warding off all sickness. I rebuke it. I hate being sick since I am not very good at relaxing. I will not be sharing any food with my sick children, or allowing them to cough or sneeze in my face.



I have a summer cold/sinus infection. Blech.