Shower Time

It is often hard for me to distinguish whether or not my little kids need a bath in the summer when we have had multiple days of nice weather and swimming pool outings. One of my pet peeves is sending a child to bed dirty. At the very least, if a shower is completely out of the question, I soap up their feet and hands in the kitchen sink.

A few days have passed since the last time the little kids have bathed. A swim was sprinkled in between barefooted baseball games on the front lawn, and bicycle rides around the neighborhood, but no actual shower. Their head didn’t pass the smell test. Their hair didn’t fill the air with all things flowery and clean.

When I mentioned to my husband that the boys needed to take a shower, he agreed to help with that process in the evening. Our youngest was sitting on my lap at the time. When I glanced at his filthy feet it solidified that the shower decision was valid and said, “Ooh, Carson, your feet are so dirty. You need a bath.” To which he replied, “At least my eyeballs are clean.”

Oh my. That boy.

It’s true, his eyeballs were clean.


AnnieBlogs said…
I love those kids.
Ronel Sidney said…
That is too funny!!
Booklover1212 said…

~ Jennifer