Semi-Balanced State

Our girl/boy ratio is returning to a semi-balanced state. My daughter returns from camp today. Yay!

Although my ratio numbers are questionable since our girl dog teeters on boy-ness. The reason for her lack of girl-ness remains in the fact that I have witnessed her licking areas of her body that are nearly out of reach and should remain a lick-free zone, and because she wreaks smells that only dogs of the male variety are capable of executing. She has a pink collar though. The three to four ratio sounds better when I include the dog.

While my daughter was gone, I prayed for her safety. I prayed that she would be sad that the week was ending because she was having so much fun, but look forward to seeing her family. I prayed that she would be a leader and seek out students who needed a friend instead of seeking friends that she already has. I prayed that she would be flexible, and eat what was served and not spend all of her money on the snack shack fries and vanilla shakes. I prayed that she would deepen in her faith and commitment to living as a Christian. I prayed that the cards I sent her would arrive to camp on time and not the day after she returns home.

While my daughter was gone I had to endure boys racing to be the first to touch our car parked in the parking lot without someone to roll their eyes with me. I had to listen to music at extreme volumes without someone to echo after me, "Turn it down guys!" I had to referee a game of "office chair bumper cars" in the kitchen without a partner to guess how many seconds it would be before someone cries. Most importantly, I had no one who was able to look at two different shoes on each of my feet and help me decide which one looked best.

I'm glad that my girl is home. I need her.


Denise said…
did she go to hume? you mentioned the snack shack, that's why i ask.

i love having my girl help me decide which shoes to wear..i am lost without her.

sweet post.