The Lull

Today marks the first day that the little kids are in Vacation Bible School for the week. They were bitter about having to get up, get dressed before noon, and brush their teeth in the morning insinuating that, "this feels like we are going to school." I however, am enjoying the still morning. I have forgotten what quiet sounds like. I love to hear only the buzz of refrigerator.

Since I forgot to bring a snack for the kindergartner, I made a quick stop by the church bookstore for a purchase of blue Gatorade and a bag of Cheetos. I am ready to reap the repercussions and dirty looks from all the nutritionally savvy workers. Tomorrow I'll be sure to pack water and a yogurt.

My teen daughter seems to be loving the quiet as well, and has yet to ask me where everyone is. She doesn't want to jinx the moment.

It feels good to be still.


I am just hanging on to summer with every fiber of my being.