Let the Questions Fly

Have you ever been inundated with questions from your children? I have. Last night was no exception. It was as if my two youngest had woken from a year long coma and needed immediate answers to everything.

What does a heart machine do?
How do people get a stopped heart?
Where are the tubes?
Does the machine hurt?
Does a heart crack into pieces?
Do all churches have a heart machines?
Why do the helpers wear blue shirts?
Why does the gas station have a flag?
If our Shakey's is burned down, why do they still have commercials about Shakey's?
What is that sign with the man running?
Why is the moon full?
Is that light a star?
How does the moon shine?
Why can't we have Dairy Queen?
Are you mad that you are hitting every red light?
Why is that truck parked at Mc Donald's?
Are you mad that I am asking questions?

"Dear God, thank you that Carson and Ty asked so many questions tonight. They are smart, and that is why they asks questions. Thank you for making them smart. Amen"