I Want to go to Heaven

My youngest always comes up with amazing questions just prior to going to sleep. I lie beside him in bed, tickle his back while I pray and then the onslaught of questions begins. His mind is racing. The other night was no different.

If someone dies can you freeze their head?
Yep, if you wanted to, but that is gross.
Where does the devil live?
In hell.
Where is hell?
In the center of the earth. It is fiery there. (details and theologically sound explanations were out of the question)
What does the devil look like?
We don’t know.
We can look on the internet to find his picture.
It isn’t there.
I don’t want to go to hell.
I don’t want you go to hell either. I can say a prayer with you to make sure that you go to Heaven.

I proceed to pray the prayer of salvation with my six year old ansking him if he wanted God to be the boss of his life. He was so adorable. He prayed it in his mind after I told him what to say, and told me that he knew that God could hear him. When I told him that can be certain now that he is going to Heaven, he wanted to know how big he will be in Heaven and I told him that his Spirit goes to Heaven. I cut off quick with another comment so as not to try and explain the whole Spirit thing. My night was full.

My boy is saved! Pure joy. Angels are dancing.


So very sweet. May he never forget the moment.
Carmen said…
Awww...that is SO awesome! I remember when my youngest son got saved. It was in the car, of all places. So sweet!!