Everybody Has Something

Women love playing the compare game. We are unfortunately wired to look at other women and compare ourselves to them. This does nothing for our self esteem other than, in most cases, make us feel worse about who we are as women notwithstanding that we are God’s creation, His masterpiece, and created in His image, to be exactly who we are.

There are situations when we look at someone who is worse off than we are and feel slightly better about ourselves, but those are rare and fleeting.

What we fail to realize is that everyone has something. Though this “something” may not be apparent visually, everyone, yes everyone, has a hurt, hang-up, or habit that they deal with daily.

When we take a moment to connect with women on a deeper level, and share our struggles openly, the walls which separate us crumble, and our authenticity is revealed. Our comparison is turned into compassion and our insecurities dissolve.

When we stop comparing, and begin having compassion, we can be the women who God created us to be.

God doesn’t make mistakes, people make mistakes.


2Thinks said…
Someone once told me:
Don't compare, it's a snare.

If you look @ a person and say, I am better at that etc., that's pride and a sin.

If you look @ a person and say, he/she is better than me at that- that's self condemning and putting your own value in the hands of someone other than your Maker- so unhelpful.

So, you hit it on the head with your post- both are a snare.