Chocolate Chip Cookies and Boiled Eggs

I make delicious chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I am also pretty good at homemade marinara sauce, and tacos. I have a special meatloaf recipe that the family loves, and if you want popcorn cooked the old fashioned way, I am your gal. However, I cannot properly boil an egg.

I have become a fan of snacking on a hard boiled egg coated in salt and pepper as a mid-day snack. It my great attempts to scour the Betty Crocker Cookbook for the perfect recipe for hard cooked eggs, and execute the process, I have failed, epically.

My first attempt yielded a yoke that was three quarters cooked. I ate them anyway as a way to circumvent my failure. My second attempt ended with a shell stubbornly stuck to the egg white and chunks of egg being pulled away as I tried to remove the shell. As it turns out, the eggs were so undercooked that the shell could not be removed. Five eggs ended up in the trash can. Epic fail number two.

The third attempt yielded six perfectly cooked, ever-so-delicious, hard boiled eggs, which I have enjoyed, because the third attempt was done by my mother who released me from the stress of trying to cook eggs to perfection. She’s knows better.

Please don’t ask me to bring a deviled eggs appetizer to your next gathering, ask my mother. She knows how to proper cook eggs.

I’ll bring the cookies for dessert.


My grandmother taught me the "secret" to good hard boiled least the way she did them and I have never had an issue sense. Start them in cold water, bring to a boil, put a lid on and turn off the heat. In 20 min. they are done. I also, if in a hurry will cool them under cool water and I peel them under cool running water...the shells generally will come right off if you do not let them set too long. :)
I plop mine in ice water as soon as they're done. there. that's the only cooking tip you'll ever get from me. I can't even fry one very well.