Blessed Insurance

My husband is fastidious about purchasing the warranty for appliances and electronic that we purchase. Because of this, the final total on our purchase finishes well above the budgeted amount of money. In his defense, if anything happens to the appliance or electronic devise after the one year “we barely cover anything” factory warranty, we are guaranteed and new item, or a fixed item at no cost.

The fastidiousness has paid off. Our malfunctioning washing machine has been fixed twice, free of charge, due to the fact that we had extra coverage on the appliance. Our ice maker in our freezer that stopped working for no reason, had a motor replaced that would have cost us $300.00, however cost us nothing. My vacuum that broke down after one year was replaced by a bigger and better vacuum at no cost to us. Yes, I own a Dyson Roller Ball that only cost me the tax.

When my son dropped his DS gaming system and the top broke off, he received a brand new DS because of the extra coverage we purchased, and, the Wii system that froze and stopped sharing love, was replaced for nothing. Thank you extra year warranty.
Typically we have no problem returning an item that has stopped working properly. Typically.

When we purchased a digital camera for our daughter and bought the extra 3 year warranty coverage, all seemed well. I sauntered in Target with the camera and warranty in hand, ready to receive a new camera. “Oh we don’t have that camera,” is not what I planned on hearing. “Now what?” I asked.

The customer service representative went on to tell me that since they could not replace the camera, I would have to call the manufacturer and find out what to do. I was a bit put out since I figured that the whole reason for purchasing the extra insurance was so that I wouldn’t have to call anyone, do anything, send and item anywhere, and happily skip my way out of the store with a brand new item.

Not only did I have to speak to the company within their east coast time zone, but I was given explicit directions on how to send the camera to the fix it store: 1. Remove the battery and wrap the camera in bubble wrap. 2. Place the camera in a box with the receipt and return address neatly tucked inside. 3. Take the snug as a bug in bubble wrap camera to the UPS store and pay $7.00 of my own money to send the camera that broke for no reason, back to the store where it wasn’t purchased, for a diagnosis.

I’m peeved about spending my own money to ship the camera. I’m not happy that the camera broke for no reason and I have to suffer through the details. I not happy about having to muster up some bubble wrap, and a small box, along with some packing tape to send the goods across town.

My camera better instantly remove wrinkles when it returns, and nip and tuck all areas that suffer from gravities pull.

Oh blessed insurance.


Denise said…
my husband fell lat week while photographing a wedding. he broke his right hip, right arm,camera, and lens. i feel your pain...a lot!
and i have to say your title is hilarious!
Sarah Markley said…
oh, this makes me miss you!!!

you're making me laugh on a monday night.

Anna said…
I think you meant to use the word "fastidious." "Facetious" means something very different.
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