How was your Vacation? Delicious!

My girlfriend has graciously given us her house for ten days. Her house just happens to be minutes from the beach and pool. She's nice like that.

After a long pool and beach morning I just served the following lunch to six boys:
3-BBQ chicken sandwiches
1-16 oz bag of potato chips
4-chicken and cheese quesadillas
1-cheese quesadilla
1-gallon of vanilla ice cream complete with Magic Shell and whipped cream
6-bottles of water
napkins were optional.

I'm exhausted already.


Booklover1212 said…
Hi Linda!

I came across your blog from the MOPS website! I really enjoyed reading it so far and look forward to reading more! I'm also just ordered your book through Amazon! Can't wait to read it!

~ Jennifer
Sarah Markley said…
oh yeah, so when are you gonna let me come visit?

not kidding.
Ronel Sidney said…
sounds like tons of fun!!