Sham Wow!

My oldest son used his birthday money to purchase a Sham Wow. Yes, you read that correctly. Those advertisers must be doing something right. He was lured in by the amazing feats of the Sham Wow, and it's absorbing power. As if he ever gets into a cleaning pickle and needs to have a Sham Wow handy.

When we arrived home, he couldn't wait to open the box, and the two little kids kept begging him to let them have a Sham Wow too. They spent the next 15 minutes pouring water all over the kitchen and testing out the absorbency of the their terrific new toy. Imagine that.

At one point I got bold and poured some coffee onto the white tile in our kitchen. "Can one of you gentlemen help me clean this coffee mess before someone slips and falls?" I questioned the three of them as if I were a seasoned actress in a Sham Wow commercial. "Sure!" they blurted. The boys and their Sham Wows actually did a great job.

The Sham Wow has been tested on the dog, windshield, and patio chairs, just to name a few. It even got shoved into a bowl of water for the true test of absorbency.

My 13 year old boy just spent his own money on cleaning cloths. Infomercials work. Either that, or the Sham Wow guy is extremely persuasive. I should get him to sell my book.

Join me at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA on August 9, at 9:30 a.m. when I speak at "Chick Chat" in the Refinery Gym on Raising G-rated kids! "Kids Camp" is provided for $5.00 per child.


womandriver said…
That is just TOO funny! Glad to hear it does as advertised. :)
Denise said…
it DOES work! i so want one in my stocking for christmas.
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