Pulling Teeth

I like pulling teeth, literally. My secret weapon is a dry tissue and grip.

My biggest boy never had an issue with my pulling out his loose teeth. In fact, he was excited when I finally got a good grip on his dangling tooth and removed it from his mouth. Not only was there success with removal, but the tooth fairy would inevitable bring him some cash by sunrise. Not a bad deal.

My middle mister is not as willing to allow my great pulling skills with his dangling teeth. He is stubborn, and, evidently isn't in a hurry to receive cash. This guy lets the teeth dangle for days and then complains that they bother him. He continues to ignore my offer to yank out the culprits and waits until he chews something which causes it to fall out. This can take days.

Recently his two front teeth became loose and dangly. My offer still stood and his refusal remained, except this time his excuse was that he didn't want them both to be out at the same time because he would look nerdy. He forgot that a handsome boy with two missing front teeth looks adorable.

One tooth fell out when he bit into a strawberry and the other fell out during a short visit with a hamburger. Since his adult teeth were already poking through, he never actually got the opportunity to look nerdy, or as everyone else viewed it, adorable.

The big teeth are getting settled in their new surroundings and for now, we are on a loose teeth hiatus.

I still have a six year old who has an entire mouth filled with baby teeth that will eventually need to be pulled. I hope that he appreciates my teeth pulling skills. I'm quite the expert. I'll have to wait and see, and, I may need to purchase more tissue.


Brad Huebert said…
Shauna loves pulling teeth too. You're both twisted, you know.... :)
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