Instant Night Time

What do you do when it is the middle of summer and you want the kids in bed early but they whine that it is still day time?

What do you do when the bright 6:45 p.m. sun is still streaming through the window of your boys who need to be convinced that it is very late and way past their bedtime?

Get out some duct tape and a dark table cloth and cover their window on the outside.



Booklover1212 said…
Hmmm...might have to try this one! We have the same problem! "But mommy -- the sun's still out!" (Sigh!)

~ Jennifer
Mother Hood said…
Beats painting your windows black
Denise said…
well i never considered covering the window on the outside, but i did finally resort to a navy blue sheet and clothespins.. for guess whose bedroom? MINE!

too much sun, too stink'n early in the a.m., this mommy is on vacation and wants to sleep in too!