Easily Entertained

I have discovered that with my youngest boys, currently, the best form of entertainment for them is a wiffle ball, plastic bat, a mitt, and seven other boys my oldest son's age.

They don't actually play baseball with all of these items though, the game is called "Argue Ball." They spend minuets on end arguing about the call that was made, whether the hit was foul or inside, and if the base tag actually occurred, or if the smashed baseball hat called a base, was missed entirely.

Argue ball keeps them entertained for hours and is only halted for a Popsicle break, or injury, and this game is a first choice activity after 2 hours of regular baseball practice. Who knew?

I am well aware of the fact that at the exact moment when the weather is unbearable, and temperatures soar, the boys will return to the confines of the air conditioned house and resume position on the couch, but until then, Argue Ball rules.

Cool summer nights rule.