Barriers and Obstacles

No one likes obstacles; those barriers that keep us from entering the parking lot we need to go through, the cones placed in our lane on the highway which indicate that our lane is about to end, or the locked door that we were hoping to enter. We have a place to go, we know which direction to head into, we know how long it is going to take for us to get there, and we eliminate all ideas spinning in our head regarding the possibility of our journey being slowed or blocked due to obstacles or barriers.

As a mom of four children I encounter obstacles every time I try and leave the house with my children. Inevitably I hop into the driver’s seat, listen for the sound of four seat belts to click into place, and then back out of the garage only to throw the gear shift into park, and tend to the fact that one child his missing a sock, another left their phone on the couch, someone forgot to shut the front door, the gate to the backyard is ajar, there is a bicycle lying in the middle of the lawn, an epidemic of parched throat syndrome erupts, and, my coffee mug is sitting on the hood of the car. Because of the obstacles, we are fifteen minutes late to our destination, I am frustrated, and the joy, joy, joy, joy is not down in my heart.

Recently, our pastor taught us about “Prayers that Really Work” and that in addition to praying frequently, passionately, and specifically, we can pray, and ask God to remove obstacles. He called these prayers, bulldozer prayers, prayers that ask God to clear the way for us. This has changed the way that I pray.

Lately, I have diligently prayed that God remove the obstacles called dishes, e-mails, and television, which keep me from focusing on the things that are most important in my life like spending time with my family. I have also begun to pray for God to remove the obstacles which keep from hearing what He wants to teach me throughout my day.

Knowing these bulldozer prayers, and using them regularly, is just another way for me to be specific in my prayers, and have clearer communication with Him.

What obstacles do you need God to remove?