When Did I Change?

I was the one who never welcomed a dull moment.

I was the one who needed to be surround by friends, plural.

I was the one who made plans every day, filling in the blank spots on my calendar with whatever I could.

I was the one who was never home, and not only thought that was normal, enjoyed every minute of it.

When did I change?

I recharge when I am alone, but it only takes a few moments.

I relish in the blank spots on the calendar and welcome them with big hugs.

Having no plans, thrills me, and spontaneity is fun.

I love just being home, most of the time. I love shopping too, and I love fresh air. That may sound contradictory, but that's okay.I'm all over the map currently.

I still love connecting with people and building relationships.

I still love jogging and summer weather.

I still love helping people.

I still love black coffee and mowing the lawn.

Some things never change.


Denise said…
i have been asking myself the same question. when did this extrovert become content with stillness, and not just content, but desiring it?

it is a good place to be.