She Left

My baby left the country today. She boarded a plane for the Dominican Republic with a suitcase, backpack, and a head filled with excitement. She's the independent one. She's the one who's going to go to school abroad and live in Africa for six months. She's the one who will graduate high school and unleash her wings of travel. I just know it.

Today my baby left for a missions trip with Saddleback Church, to serve the people of the Dominican Republic on a PEACE trip with the high school ministry.

She will grow, she will discover new things about herself, she will try new foods, she will meet new people, she will hear a new language, she will grow closer to the Lord, she will come back to America, changed.

I miss her already. I know that she will do well. I pray that she eats, and gets enough sleep. I pray that she is flexible and willing to do whatever she is asked to do. I hope that she doesn't spend all of her money, and takes lots of photos, and if she misses us while she is gone, that would be a bonus.


Sarah Markley said…
ohhh, i hate this. but i'm glad she's doing what she's doing.

i'll be praying for her, linda.

let's chat soon. miss you.