Organizing Binge

I have been a mad organizer lately and it feels good. I have organized two cupboards and the little kids' closet, again.

Lego pieces are actually sleeping with other Lego pieces, and baseball cards are hanging out together in a nice plastic bin. Odds and ends like the Flarp Putty, super balls, shark tooth necklace, and laser light from a cereal box are in plastic bin.

The wrapping paper tubes have found themselves and are happy to be together, and all those school papers that I have been hanging on to for the past school year, just in case someone needed a grade proven, are settled in the recycle bin outside.

I can actually see past the Easter baskets and tub of crayons for the first time in months, and the ribbon spools, art projects, and report cards are in their perspective areas for safe keeping.

I like to accomplish items on a list of tasks. I like to cross out things that I need to do, and items that need to be purchased. I feel good when things get done.

There will be more tomorrow I'm sure, but for now, I feel a bit more complete.


Mel said…
You rock. When I grow up, I'm going to be just like you.