Happy Anniversay-Baby!

In a world which thirsts for gossip about the decay of celebrity marriages, and reality television relationships fumbling from exposure, I relish, and delight in the fact that today marks year 18 of my being married to my best friend.

It is not all about my kids. I love my kids, but my husband comes first.

When the kids are gone, and the daytime sounds only include the hum of the refrigerator, and the birds chirping outdoors, I know that my husband, and the relationship that we have built on God's foundation, will remain strong.

Marriage is work. Anything that you care deeply about requires work. I am happy to make the relationship between my husband and I a priority.

I am as imperfect as they come, but I do know this, God chose the perfect mate for me.

Greg + Linda = forever.


Anonymous said…
Congrats, Linda! Wednesday is Doug and my 31st!
2Thinks said…
Congrats! Am enjoying your book btw and have three copies in our tiny bookstore devo section now.

Sarah Markley said…
happy anniversary, linda! i love it.

miss you!