Our neighbor’s yard is a covered in a faint brown with a smattering of faded green. Only those plants familiar with drought conditions, and tough enough to withstand months with just hints of moisture, remain.

As I drive past each morning, I can’t help but wonder what causes a family to discontinue watering their yard. Could it be busyness, fatigue, laziness, or necessity?

In this case, the root cause of a lawn, light brown in color, and the surrounding dirt replicating sheets of cement, is due to the fact that spending money on the amount of water it takes to keep a yard green and flourishing, is simply out of the question. Something had to give in the budget, and electricity, gasoline, and food, took precedence over green grass and a budding garden.

I was quick to realize the implication this scene has in my own life. That which I fail to water will soon die.

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." John 7:38

What am I failing to water in my life? Contrary, what am I feeding and watering that needs to be parched and starved?

Are my relationships failing and needing nutrition? Is my spiritual growth dry? Am I heaping gallons of water on my desire to please others with the need for affirmation? Do I continue to lightly spritz water on helping others, and reaching out to those in need, while dousing bucketfuls on my selfish desires?

I need to make moment by moment choices to give breath, life, and water, to those areas in my life which are pleasing to God, and surrender that which has been soaked and over watered.

Where is your drought? What part of your life are the sprinklers missing?


Good stuff, and good question!