Are You a Huge Christian?

While referencing one of our friends, and in the midst of conveying the fact that she is kind, fun to be around, and a great friend, my six year old stated that this person was, “. . . a huge, huge, Christian.”

What defined Christianity to him obviously was the fact that her character reflected that of Jesus. Noble indeed.

“Do I reflect Jesus?” I thought as I examined my own life. Am I a huge, huge, Christian?

The answer is, “Not always. Definitely, not always.”

I need to remember, that if I am claiming to be a Christian, and if people know that I am a Christian, my character traits need to be in check. This takes a great deal of self reflection.

“An unexamined life isn’t worth living” according to Socrates, which means that if I want to be the person that Christ has called me to be, I need to not only do some self examination, but I also need to make some changes.

I tend to be impatient, judgmental, and complain. Not very Christ-like, however, as I realize my character flaws, I can make a concerted effort to become a better person, or remain the same, with my glaring flaws.

I don’t have any intention of remaining the same. I intend to strive for change, moment by moment, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

One day I would love for my six year old to say this when someone asks him about me. “I love my mom. She’s a huge, huge, Christian.”


Denise said…
yes, nothing matters to me more here on this earth than that my kids see real Jesus in me. that they would fall in love with Him is my prayer.