And Now Billy Mays?

When my daughter told me that she heard that Billy Mays died, I didn't believe her. Since she often bears incorrect information, she didn't push the issue, assuming too that her information was hearsay. I should know better though, she has lately been correct more times than not.

You may not know who Billy Mays is, but if you have seen the Orange Glo or Oxy-Clean commercial, you will quickly discover who he is.

My kids love Billy Mays and have recently been hooked on the show Pitch Men. Admittedly I am some what fascinated by the whole product pitching thing too. I especially took note of his very young, three year old daughter on the show who follows him around and calls him "Daddy." Not only is his wife feeling the effects of the pain that surrounds loss of a husband, but that poor girl who lost her daddy must be a mess.

The cause of his death is uncertain. His destination is uncertain.

Life is short, but I am certain of my destination. Heaven.


Joyce said…
I hate to turn on the TV lately because it is turning into an OB page. Who is next? Sad times and I will miss him. I had to laugh at your Ace of Cakes post as I hate that fondant icing. It looks nice but I do not want to eat it.